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THE VIETNAM NATIONAL CAI LUONG THEATRE is an art unit which belongs directly to The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The theatre was established in 1951 from its predecessor, The Resistance War Drama Association and then it was organized and changed its names following each periods :
     · 1956 : National Cai Luong Troupe
     · 1964 : Northern Cai Luong Troupe
     · 1969 : National Northern Cai Luong Troupe
     · 1978 : National Cai Luong Theatre
     · 2002 : Vietnam Cai Luong Theatre
    · 2006 : National Cai Luong Theatre and its international exchange name has been the Vietnam National Cai Luong Theatre.

Over the past five decades, the theatre has been many generations of artists, musical artists... who has dedicated their life to the Vietnammese traditional theatre ; has retored and put on stage hudreds of cai luong works which have reached high quality with their rich themes, dogged reality of living's footsteps, mixed between nationality and modernity, expressed clearly the Northern Cai luong art style. The theatre has served the wide populace all over the country, presented the quitessence of Vietnam's Cai luong art to the rest of the world, contributed to development of national Cai luong theatre.

Nowadays, the theatre always finds out and creates to be suitable for cultural exchangeable and extendible trend beween countries in the world with its mottoes : consolidates more much intimate relation with the Southern Cai luong theatre, diversiefies performing programmes, receives reality values of national traditional theatre, chooses and supplements for Cai luong theatre contemporary elements following new awarenesses about humaneness, sociality, emotional communicability and educability ect... to be suitable and neccessary to today's audiences.



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